London Footsteps

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Here are the established talks being offered.  They uncover and discover the history of City, culture and tradition but also look at the future.  

THE FLOW OF HISTORY:  The River Thames is a dominating feature that has made such a huge contribution to the growth and development of London from Roman times to the present day.  This talk will take you on this voyage of history to discover why the river has always been regarded as one of the city's greatest assets.  It is a glorious and memorable story but there are also times when death, disaster and despair have been close to the surface.  

THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON:  After one of the most devastating events in London's 2000 year history, the City recovered to become the most influential commercial and trading centre in the World.  This talk examines what happened before, during and after the fire in September 1666.

THE CITY LIVERY COMPANIES:  There are 108 of these companies operating in the City today many as educational and charitable institutions.  Their power and influence shaped the Medieval city and they continue to have an important role in the 21st century while retaining many of their old customs.

VICTORIAN LONDON:  POUNDS, SHILLINGS AND POVERTY: During the whole of Queen Victoria's reign, London was a powerful world capital..  It was an age of invention; new railways, a vast Empire; dramatic architecture.  It was also a time of squalor, slums, disease and crime.  London had both.

THE CHANGING SKYLINE:  London has 2,000 years of extraordinary history but it can also feel like a city of the future.  That's because there are new buildings emerging every decade to change the skyline.  This talk takes a look at the city architects of today and compares the challenges they face with those of Christopher Wren, Inigo Jones, Horace Jones and others from past centuries.

MIND THE GAP: Everyone is familiar with the London Underground.  Without it the capital would descend into chaos and each day hundreds of thousands of people would struggle to move around.  It is now over 150 years since the system began operating and it is now one of the most complex and efficient in the World.  This talk looks beyond the impressive statistics to tell the story of those who have contributed to the growth of the tube and takes a close look at some of less well-known features of this remarkable transport system.


Every talk by DAVID WILLIAMS is supported by a visual Power Point presentation.  I bring my computer, screen and projector, set it all up and then switch on to the magic of London….and it can be in a village hall or a fully-equipped lecture theatre.