London Footsteps

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DAVID WILLIAMS is a registered City of London guide and lecturer who specialises in themed walks and talks about London's history dating back to the time when the invading Romans established Londinium nearly 2,000 years ago.

London is one of the world's great cities.  It amazes and excites people but also holds many secrets and mysteries that provide an endless wealth of material for all visitors.  Those who are familiar with the City after spending a lifetime working in the capital are astonished to find out how much the City continues to change yet still retains its character and heritage in the narrow streets, squares, alleyways and churchyards.

DAVID WILLIAMS had a long career as a journalist and documentary film-maker before qualifying as a guide following a one-year training period recognised by the City of London Corporation.  Then came several years learning more about London and British history through academic courses at University and on-line.

He graduated with a BA (Hons.) history degree after four years part-time study at Birkbeck, University of London and followed that with an MA (sports history and culture) awarded following an on-line course at the International Centre for Sport History and Culture at De Montfort University, Leicester.

David incorporates images and visual links in all his talks to give audiences a full yet interesting historical experience.  Clubs and societies know that it will be a compelling 45-60 minutes and audiences go away with stories and anecdotes about why London continues to be such a fascinating and influential city.

David is still involved with historical research and investigation and is interested in Oral History.  He was part of the University of East London project team recording stories and interviews with survivors of a wartime tragedy in London, the Bethnal Green tube shelter tragedy of 1943.